Samsung Galaxy S5 Launching in Malaysia on March 27

It is likely to go on sale on April 11 at all three major carriers

Back in February, Samsung announced that Galaxy S5 would be launched worldwide on April 11. More than 150 countries will have the company’s flagship smartphone for sale beginning mid-April, and Malaysia is likely to be one of them.

The folks over at GSMArena have just been tipped on the Samsung Galaxy S5’s launch in Malaysia, which seems to have been set for March 27.

This is close to the date that lots of UK-based carriers and retailers are expected to kick off Samsung Galaxy S5 pre-orders. The smartphone will also be officially introduced in Australia around the same date.

Customers in Malaysia who prefer to get their high-end smartphones as cheap as possible and don’t mind committing to long-term contracts will be pleased to know that all three major carries in the country have confirmed that they will offer the Galaxy S5.

Speaking of which, Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t hit shelves in Malaysia until at least April 11, so don’t get your hopes high that you will be able to grab one before that date.

For the time being, it’s unclear which version of Galaxy S5 Malaysia will get, the Qualcomm-based model featuring a quad-core CPU or the Exynos-based variant powered by an octa-core processor, but without LTE in tow.

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