Samsung GALAXY S III Up for Sale at Fido for $400/€310 on 2-Year Contracts

Existing customers can purchase it for only $100/€75 on 2-year term

As expected, Canadian carrier Fido introduced the Samsung Galaxy S III. Unfortunately, the smartphone is steeply priced for new customers who are required to pay no less than $400/€310 and to commit to a new 2-year agreement in order to get the smartphone.

According to Fido, “customers on a 2-year Fido Agreement on the $56 promo plan will have completely paid off their device after two years and earned FidoDOLLARS towards a new smartphone while a Koodo customer on a $56 plan will still owe $16 on their tab-type contract.”

Anyway, existing Fido customers will only have to pay $100/€75 for the Galaxy S III, while those who do not wish to commit to long-term agreements can get the smartphone for no less than $550/€425 upfront. Check it out here.

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