Samsung Epic 4G Gets FC09 Update, Fixes Force Close Error When Receiving Calls

The update is pushed in stages in the following 6 weeks

The latest major update for Sprint Samsung Epic 4G was rolled out back in January. It introduced a few new security features and fixed a speaker bug.

Today, Sprint pushes another software update for the Epic 4G, which is meant to fix another issue and add a new applications.

Software version FC09 is now rolled out OTA (over the air) in stages and is supposed to reach all Epic 4G devices within about six weeks.

Firstly, the update fixes a force close error when receiving a call. This a critical issue reported by Epic 4G owners, which plagued their smartphones for quite some time now.

Secondly, FC09 update will bring a new application called Sprint Connections Optimizer, which help users get the most out of their data connections. The app automatically turns off/off data connections when this is not used.

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