Samsung Announces Ultra High Speed-1 MicroSD Cards for LTE Phones and Tablets

The company confirmed mass production started late last month

South Korean company Samsung has just unveiled a new line of memory cards which target the latest LTE-enabled smartphones and tablets.

According to Samsung, the new UHS-1 microSD memory cards come in a 16 GB variant. It has been confirmed that the small card uses Samsung’s 20nm-class 64 GB chip with toggle DDR 2.0 support and an advanced Samsung controller that is suitable for the blazing fast UHS-1 interface.

Performance-wise, the new 16GB UHS-1 microSD card can achieve a sequential read speed of 80MB/s, which is more than four times faster than the speed of today’s advanced microSD cards (21MB/s).

The company has also confirmed that it is now mass producing Ultra High Speed–1 (UHS-1) microSD cards. Apparently, the initial production of the 16GB UHS-1 microSD cards began at the end of last month.

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