Samsung ATIV S Arriving in the Netherlands in March

The smartphone has been delayed due to unknown reasons

Samsung ATIV S is already available for purchase in a few European countries, but the Netherlands is not among them. The South Korean handset maker has originally stated that the ATIV S will be launched in the country this month.

However, reports that Samsung has backtracked on the original statement and has delayed the ATIV S to March. We don’t have additional details on the phone’s new exact release date, but we will keep an eye out for this one.

The reasons behind the company’s decision are unknown for the moment, but the cited source claims that Samsung wishes to limit supply so it can use ATIV S’ display into Galaxy S III and other compatible Android devices.

This means that Samsung, just like Nokia, has some issues with the phone’s components, which don’t seem to be enough to fulfill the high demand for the ATIV S. Stay tuned for more info on the matter.

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