Sailfish UI Video Demo by Jolla Senior Designer Jaakko Roppola

The new platform will make 2013 be "unlike", Jolla says

This week, Finnish startup Jolla unveiled to the world the Sailfish OS, UI and SDK, promising to the world an experience unlike any already available.

We already had the chance to have a look at the platform, as well as at the SDK, following the official launch at Slush 2012, and a new video demo with the Sailfish UI is now available online.

The interface is presented by Jolla Senior Designer Jaakko Roppola in Finnish, which might be a bit inconvenient for English speakers.

However, the video speaks for itself, and the features that Sailfish proposes are visible enough for anyone to make sense of what’s new in the platform.

You can have a look at the video embedded above. Should you want to have a look at the SDK, you can watch the official presentation Jolla gave it at Slush.

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