SIM-Free, Unlocked BlackBerry Z10 to Hit UK on March 1

Online retailer Clove confirmed it for that day at £534 ($829 / €620)

Mobile phone users in the UK have already had the chance to purchase the new BlackBerry Z10 in the country starting with the end of January, though only through wireless carriers’ networks for the time being.

However, it seems that those who would like to grab the phone unlocked and SIM-free will be able to do so starting with March 1, online retailer Clove states on its website.

The handset is expected to be in stock at the company on that day, all dressed up in Black, and with a price tag of £534 ($829 / €620) attached to it, VAT included.

As UnwiredView notes, Clove did say before that it was planning on adding the handset to its offering in early March, though no specific release date had been provided before.

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