Rumor Mill: Windows Phone 7.8 Might Arrive on November 28

The platform has been previously confirmed for this year

Windows Phone 7.8, the platform upgrade that owners of Windows Phone 7.5 devices will receive instead of the WP8 platform release, is now rumored to be en-route to devices starting with November 28.

Microsoft China has already confirmed that the update will be released before the end of this year, yet no specific date for when that might happen has been provided as of now.

However, the guys over at WMPoweruser suggest that the update will be published as soon as this Wednesday, the day of that special Nokia and Deadmau5 event.

The update will provide users with the new start screen in Windows Phone 8, as well as with the Bing lock screen wallpaper feature, new accent colors, browser security enhancements, and more.

Owners of Nokia Lumia devices are also expected to receive updated Nokia applications. Stay tuned for more info on this.

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