Red Nokia Lumia 920 Arrives in the UK

The Windows Phone 8 handset is available on contract via Phones4U

Nokia Lumia 920, the new flagship Windows Phone 8 device from the Finnish mobile phone maker, is now available for purchase in the UK in a red color flavor as well.

The handset can be seen listed on the website of Phones4U, which sells it with the signing of a contract agreement with wireless carrier EE, or with Orange or T-Mobile.

Those who would like to purchase it will find it available at no upfront cost with a £41 per month contract at Orange.

Signing the same deal with EE will require a £49.99 payment for the device. Those who would like to commit to a T-Mobile contract will have to pay £99.95 for the phone on the same £41 monthly cost.

According to the retailer, those who will order the Red Lumia 920 today will receive it on November 23.

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