Rdio 3.14 for Windows Phone 8 Now Available

The app offers better online streaming / playback, Metro UI enhancements

A new flavor of the Windows Phone 8 client for the popular cross-platform streaming service Rdio is now available for download, namely version 3.14.

The new application release was pushed out with Windows Phone 8 compatibility inside, as well as with better online streaming/playback, and with a series of enhancements for the Metro UI.

Furthermore, the new app flavor arrives on devices with the option to browse through Recommendations, in addition to providing users with access to the over 18 million songs that are available through the service.

The application also enables users to easily get in touch with their friends and with other people to discover new music. Not to mention that it comes with syncing capabilities, so that people could download music to their Windows Phone devices for offline listening.

The software is available for download for free and can be found on this page in the Windows Phone Store.

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