RIM and T-Mobile to Hold Pre-Launch BlackBerry 10 Event

The event will take place in New York on January 24

Canadian mobile phone maker Research In Motion is gearing up for the launch of its new BlackBerry 10 platform on January 30, but it seems that some lucky people will be able to learn more on the platform earlier than that.

The handset vendor will hold a pre-launch event together with wireless carrier T-Mobile on January 24, where it will unveil some more info on what its new OS has to offer, gizmofusion notes.

Apparently, the meeting will take place in New York in a secret location, yet no specific info on who will attend has been provided as of now.

T-Mobile is one of the wireless carriers in the United States set to add the new BlackBery 10 devices to its offering as soon as RIM makes them available but, as of yet, it hasn’t offered specific info on when they would be launched.

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