RIM Preps BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha C Smartphone

The first BlackBerry 10 device with a physical QWERTY keyboard

Canadian mobile phone maker Research In Motion is reportedly gearing up for the release of a new testing device for developers, namely BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha C.

Unlike the previously made available BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha and BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B handsets, which landed as full-touch devices, the new smartphone will sport a physical keyboard, CrackBerry reports.

RIM will provide top 1,500 developers with two or more apps submitted to its software portal with the possibility to get the new handset first.

The company also announced a specific manner in which these devs will be selected, based on a new point system.

Developers interested in the matter should head over to this page on RIM’s website to learn more on said point system and to register their interest in the new smartphone.

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