RIM Posts Video Promo for BlackBerry 10 App Development

There are 10,000 reasons for developers to embrace BlackBerry 10, RIM says

Canadian mobile phone maker Research In Motion is hard at work not only with the building of its BlackBerry 10 operating system, but also with finding new means to attract application developers to it.

In a video promo that it released on the Internet last week, the company notes that there are thousands of reasons for developers to start building for its platform.

“There are 10 thousand reasons to believe in BlackBerry 10. What are yours? We invite app developers to discover the amazing things can be done with BlackBerry 10 and to tell why you believe,” the company notes.

The video ran at the BlackBerry Jam conference, offering insights on why RIM believes in developers and offering them motifs to join the army of application designers that have already embraced the OS.

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