RIM Plans Deep Evernote Integration in BlackBerry 10

Evernote will enjoy system wide integration in the new OS

One of the appealing features that Research In Motion’s BlackBerry 10 operating system will arrive on shelves with is a PIM API that enables developers to integrate with core apps on the platform.

Inside the OS, RIM also packed a PIM service called Notebooks, which enables users to create lists and the like, just as the popular Evernote service does. In fact, one of the Notebooks mentioned on RIM’s developer documentation page is called Evernote.

According to a post on 89apps, said documentation also unveils that RIM’s Evernote Notebook will be synced to a user’s Evernote account, which suggests that the widely used service will indeed be integrated into BlackBerry 10.

The integration will be visible in RIM’s “Remember” app, but it is also said to be system wide, since the Evernote account login will be managed within the System Settings.

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