RIM Offers BlackBerry 10 Action Icons to App Developers

The company is looking for increased design consistency for the new OS

While gearing up for the unveiling of its next mobile operating system flavor, BlackBerry 10, Canadian mobile phone maker Research In Motion is also interested in making sure that applications designed for the platform feature design consistency.

Thus, the company has started to provide third-party developers with its own set of icons for actions performed in applications.

Furthermore, in addition to publishing these action icons, the company also updated its UI guidelines for the BlackBerry 10 operating system to provide devs with info on how to include them in their software.

A total of 59 icons were made available for download, and all developers interested in the matter can now download and use them for menus, action bars, and more.

Application builders can find these icons on this page on RIM’s website. A link to the BlackBerry 10 UI guidelines is available there as well.

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