Pricing for Sony's Xperia Yuga and Dogo Leaks

Both are expected to arrive on shelves in February next year

February 2013 is expected to provide us with the possibility to have a closer look at Sony’s next year Xperia devices, as rumors suggest that the company is actually planning on making them available for purchase in that timeframe.

We’re referring here to the Xperia Yuga and Dogo smartphones, which are now said to be en-route to shelves with price tags of €680 ($884) and €570 ($740) attached to them.

Featuring a 5-inch full HD touchscreen display and a quad-core processor inside, Yuga is expected to arrive on shelves in Japan as Sony’s flagship 2013 device. It should be complemented by Odin, its sibling for the International market.

As for Dogo, it is expected to sport a 4.65-inch touchscreen display, along with a quad-core CPU and other high-end specs packed inside.

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