Prices for T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note II, Lumia 810, HTC 8X Leak

The contract price tag for LG Optimus L9 also emerges

Wireless carrier T-Mobile is getting ready for the release of a new series of highly appealing devices on its network, and info on the price tags these might feature has emerged online.

These details leaked from Walmart, which is usually pricing phones lower than T-Mobile, but they should still offer a general idea on what to expect from the wireless carrier.

For example, the high-end Samsung Galaxy Note II is expected to cost $299 when launched, while the Nokia Lumia 810 is said to arrive at $99.88 on contract.

T-Mobile will also release the Windows Phone 8X by HTC on its network, priced at $148.00, and will have the LG Optimus L9 available at only $0.97, it seems.

As TmoNews notes, there’s no telling on whether these prices will mirror T-Mobile’s but users can certainly hope they will.

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