Possible Nokia Tablet PC Emerges as Nokia RX-108

The device has been spotted with Windows 8 loaded on top

Only several days ago, yet unannounced Nokia Lumia smartphones were spotted in AdDuplex’s database, and it seems that more devices from the company have appeared there.

According to a recent tweet from Alan Mendelevich from AdDuplex, a certain Nokia RX-108 has emerged in the company’s logs, with Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform loaded on top.

While there’s no specific info available on the device, chances are that it would prove to be nothing else than the long-rumored Nokia tablet PC.

“As for Windows 8, I see something called Nokia RX-108. Don't know what that is,” Alan Mendelevich said in a tweet.

As WMpoweruse notes, in addition to this device, the yet unannounced Nokia RM-892 (for India, it seems), RM-860 (with a 1280 x 768 pixel resolution), and RM-885 (Lumia 720 – WVGA resolution) have also been spotted.

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