Phones4U Buyers Can Now Claim Their Free Lumia 920 / 820 Wireless Chargers

Though only two colors are available at the moment, namely White and Red

Nokia’s Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 went up for sale at Phones4U a while ago, with all the Windows Phone 8 goodies packed inside, as well as with the wireless charging features enabled.

Users who did buy the phones from this retailer can now head over to Nokia’s special website to claim their free wireless chargers for them.

The company has had users waiting for 14 days before making the free accessories available for them, but it has brought the aforementioned portal online, and users are invited to claim what’s theirs.

For the time being, however, Nokia only offers white and red chargers, which means that people who grabbed another handset flavor will have to wait a bit longer for a matching charger to become available for them.

You can learn more on the matter on said online portal.

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