Orange Brings Baidu Browser to Android Devices in Africa and the Middle East

It will load it on new devices starting with this year

Baidu’s Browser is set to arrive on more Android devices around the world, as Orange has just announced a deal with Baidu for the loading of the app on its handsets in Africa and the Middle East.

At the moment, the wireless carrier operates in 20 countries in AMEA (Africa, Middle East and Asia), including Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, Kenya and more.

Apparently, the two companies will work together for the offering of localized versions of the browser in each market in which it will be made available for Orange’s users.

As TechCrunch notes, the browser was first launched in September last year, when Baidu announced that it would be available through the operator’s Mobinil network. The deal appears to have been extended to cover Orange’s entire footprint.

Orange has confirmed that the first Android handsets to feature the browser pre-loaded would arrive on shelves this year.

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