Oppo Releases Promo Video for Find 5

Stresses on the amazing full HD screen the phone packs

Chinese mobile phone maker Oppo is set to bring to shelves in its homeland market a new device running under Google’s Android operating system, called Oppo Find 5.

The main selling point of the new device, which also gave it its name, is the 5-inch touchscreen display that can deliver a full HD resolution.

This week, the company made available a video promo for the smartphone stressing on the fact that it can boast an impressive screen resolution at a 441ppi pixel density.

The video presents a history of the mobile phone, offering a glimpse at how the smartphone technology has evolved over the years.

This is not the first smartphone in the world to boast such a panel on the front, yet it is the first of them to come from Oppo, which makes it highly valuable for the vendor.

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