Opera Mini 4.4 for Feature-Phones Now Available for Download

Brings minor changes, gets new options for carriers

Opera has just announced that its mobile web browser for feature-phones, Opera Mini has just been updated to version 4.4.

While the latest version does not bring any major user visible features, it includes new options for carriers to integrate their services, including free Opera Mini browsing to certain sites and more.

With these changes, developers wanted to bring network features Opera Mini 4 up to the same level as Opera Mini 6.5.

Besides the minor changes explained above, Opera also fixed skin issues for some Samsung devices.

Opera Mini 4.4 is mainly for feature-phones that are not powerful enough to run Opera Mini 6.5, but those who wish to install a basic and very fast browser on their smartphones are free to download this version of Opera Mini.

Opera Mini 4.4 is now available as a free download from Softpedia or directly from the phone from the developer's website.

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