Only One in Eight People Plan on Buying BlackBerry 10 Devices, Poll Shows

Half of surveyed users said they wouldn’t buy a BB10 handset

Today, Canadian mobile phone maker Research In Motion is set to make the BlackBerry 10 operating system official, along with the first devices to run under it.

The platform has seen a lot of interest from end users, but it seems that only a small number of them actually plan on making a purchase.

Citing a recent poll conducted by mobile app developer Bite Interactive, CNet reports that 47 percent of the respondents found some of the new features in BlackBerry 10 as intriguing, but that only 13 percent of them would consider buying a device powered by the new OS.

Furthermore, only one percent of all respondents confirmed that they were indeed planning on grabbing a BlackBerry 10 smartphone right after it was launched. Half of surveyed users said they did not plan on making a purchase at all.

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