Only 6,500 Nokia Lumia 920 Units to Have Been Sold in Russia to Date

Low stock and poor demand might have affected sales

Nokia’s Lumia 920 has been rendered highly appealing in various markets around the world, but it seems that users in Russia are not as attracted to it as Nokia would like them to be.

According to the latest reports on the matter, the company might have managed to sell only 6,500 units in one week following the official launch of the device.

The info comes from Euroset’s VP, and was confirmed by another official from the company, ITHome reports.

No specific info on why the sales were so poor has been provided as of now, yet they might have been influenced by the low stock and lack of interest from users.

Euroset’s Ulyana Smolskaya reportedly said that sales had climbed to only 4,500 units, which represented 70 percent of the total amount of devices sold in the country.

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