Official Tinder App Coming Soon on Windows Phone

6tindr creator Rudy Huyn will work on the new application

The only alternative to Tinder application on Windows Phone platform, 6tindr has been removed from Microsoft’s Windows Phone Store last weekend.

The application has been removed from Windows Phone Store at the request of Tinder developers, but Rudy Huyn, creator of 6tindr promised he will try to work on bringing the official application to Windows Phone fans.

We reported a few days Huyn was approached by Sean Rad, Tinder’s CEO, who said he is willing to discuss the future of Tinder on Windows Phone platform.

Well, it looks like Rudy Huyn is now working alongside Tinder’s developers to bring the official application to Windows Phone Store as soon as possible.

He confirmed the information on Twitter and stated that 6tindr will probably never make it to Windows Phone Store under a different name: “6tindr is gone, we will work on Tinder for Windows Phone.”


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