Obsolete Samsung S275 Clamshell Coming Soon to Solo Mobile

The feature phone will be available for around $100/€75 outright

Canadian carrier Solo Mobile is about to offer its remaining customers the chance to purchase a new phone, the Samsung S275.

Alas, Samsung S275 is obsolete before it even goes on sale. It appears that the carrier wishes to take its customers back in time with at least 10 years. Technologically speaking, of course.

We doubt that anyone would want to buy this “creature” of the past, but if any Solo Mobile customer out there wishes to give this one a try, MobileSyrup reports that the flip phone will be available starting February 21 for around $100/€75outright.

Specs-wise, Samsung S275 does not stand out and there’s nothing we can say that will make it look worthy enough for its price. It comes with a VGA camera, two small displays and a decent keypad.

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