O2’s Charger-Free HTC One X+ Initiative Registers Success

The carrier will sell all handsets without chargers by 2015

More and more handsets will be sold without chargers through O2 in the UK as the wireless carrier has seen impressive success with its trial initiative to sell the HTC One X+ without such an accessory attached.

The carrier said that 82 percent of those who purchased the smartphone did not buy a charger with it, more than O2’s expectation of only 70 percent.

Given the success this trial has seen, the company will move forth with selling more smartphones without chargers.

By 2015, all devices sold through O2 in the UK will come without USB chargers included in the package, the company announced.

By eliminating the chargers from retail packages, O2 aims at considerably reducing its carbon footprint. The move will have other environmental-friendly results as well, the wireless carrier announced.

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