Nokia to Release “Play To” App on Windows Phone 8 in Two Weeks

The application is already available for download for Windows Phone 7 devices

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia has promised a while ago the Play To application for its Windows Phone 8 Lumia users, and it seems that it is finally getting ready to make it available for download.

On the support forum of Nokia’s Beta Labs, one Nokia employee responded to a user inquiry on the availability of the DLNA app, stating that things are being put in place for a launch in the next couple of weeks.

When available, the application will provide users with the possibility to easily stream music, videos and photos to compatible TVs or similar devices.

As WMPoweruser notes, while the app has already landed on Windows Phone 7 devices, it hasn’t emerged in the Windows Phone Store for those powered by the newer operating system, mainly due to the fact that Nokia is getting some new components ready for it.

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