Nokia to Live Stream Deadmau5 Show Today, Redesigns Its Website

The company is celebrating the launch of Windows Phone 8 devices

Today, Nokia and Deadmau5 will put on stage a special event in London, said to be the Finnish handset vendor’s own way of celebrating the high demand that its Windows Phone 8 devices have seen.

The company also announced that it would offer a live streaming of the show, so that more users can have the possibility to enjoy it.

People interested in the matter should head over to this page on the company’s website to learn more. At the time of this writing, the show was set to kick off in about 5 hours.

We should also note that Nokia has made a series of changes to its global website today, and that it now offers a completely different, cozier look than before. The localized versions of the website haven’t seen the look change as of yet.

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