Nokia’s Patented Tablet Designs Could Be Windows 8-Based

The handset vendor hasn’t confirmed a product as of yet

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia has been long rumored to be planning the release of its own tablet PCs, and the upcoming release of Windows 8 might bring these devices to shelves, rumor has it.

Evidence on Nokia’s plans for the tablet PC area came not only in the form of patented slate designs, but also as a confirmation from the company’s CEO, Stephen Elop himself, who said a while back that there is opportunity in this market segment.

No specific product has been unveiled so far, but recent reports on the matter suggest that the company’s patented designs could turn into Windows 8 products in the not too distant future.

Patents for two such slates have been granted to Nokia last year, yet chances are that they will not arrive on shelves at the launch of Windows 8, but at a later date, provided that Nokia is indeed looking to bring them to shelves.


Nokia's Patented Tablet Designs (2 Images)

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