Nokia Updates accessories, Panorama and Ringtone Maker WP8 Apps

The company hasn't provided specific info on what has been changed in the new releases

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia has made available for download new flavors of some of its exclusive applications for Windows Phone 8 devices, including accessories, Panorama and Ringtone Maker.

Available for download as version, the accessories app enables users to monitor and manage settings of various accessories attached to a Lumia device.

Nokia's Panorama app, now available for download as version, enables users to easily create panoramas by automatically stitching photos in order to have a better view.

As for the Ringtone Maker app, now up for grabs as version, it was meant to enable users to easily create ringtones from the music available on their devices.

Unfortunately, Nokia did not give specific info on the changes included in the new releases, but users should expect all three apps to offer improved performance and bug fixes.

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