Nokia UK Releases Several “Lumia in Action” Promo Videos

It offers a glimpse at some of the main capabilities of these devices

Mobile phone users interested in the purchase of a new smartphone should give Lumia handsets a try, Nokia UK suggests in a new series of promo videos published for its products.

The new clips provide users with a glimpse at some of the main features of the latest Lumia devices, while also showing how these smartphones can perform in real word.

Featuring the tagline “in action,” these videos will bring to the spotlight the camera capabilities of Nokia’s Windows Phone 8-based Lumia handsets, as well as the music capabilities of these devices, or the features that Nokia City Lens has to offer.

Furthermore, users can learn more on how they can take full advantage of the live tiles that Windows Phone 8 sports, or of the business capabilities of these handsets.

Additional info on Nokia Lumia 620, Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 can be found on Nokia’s website.

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