Nokia Suite 3.7.22 Arrives in Final Flavor

Brings official Windows 8 and Office 2013 support to the app

Nokia has made available for download the final flavor of its Nokia Suite 3.7 desktop application, providing users with official support for Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system.

Starting with the beta flavor of the app, users had the chance to use it on devices powered by the newest desktop OS from Microsoft, and the final release now features it as well.

Furthermore, the app comes with support for Office 2013, while also providing users with the possibility to easily copy contacts, calendar and photos from a Nokia phone to Microsoft SkyDrive.

“After copying your content to Microsoft SkyDrive, you can easily get content to your Nokia Lumia phone using same Microsoft account,” Nokia notes.

As usual, the app also enables users to easily download and install new software updates and applications on their Nokia devices.

Nokia Suite 3.7.22 can be downloaded from this page on Softpedia.

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