Nokia Rolls Out Calendar & SMS Fixes to Belle FP2 Devices

The update is pushed through OTA (over the air), in stages

Nokia released a minor update for smartphones powered by Belle Refresh operating system, which was meant to fix a Calendar issue reported by Symbian users.

Today, the folks over at UnleashThePhones report a similar update is available for Belle FP2 smartphones, such as Nokia 808 PureView.

However, it looks like Nokia currently pushes two fixes for Belle FP2 devices, one that addresses the same Calendar issue experienced by Belle Refresh users, and another one that affects the SMS capability of the smartphones.

Unfortunately, Nokia does not explain exactly what the real issues with the Calendar and SMS functions are, so we’re not yet sure whether these updates are critical or not.

All in all, Belle FP2 devices’ users might want to manually check for the availability of these two minor updates via SW Update.

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