Nokia Publishes Lumia 620 Review, Merely a Hands-On

The latest, cheapest Windows Phone 8 Lumia smartphone

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia has started to push its new Lumia 620 to shelves only last week, but the device has already seen increased popularity among end users.

Released as the latest Windows Phone 8 device from the company, and also the cheapest in the series, the Lumia 620 has just got “reviewed” by Nokia Conversations, which later renamed its post as a “hands-on.”

The piece does mention the features and capabilities of the device, which should appeal to a lot of budget-friendly users but, as UnwiredView notes, does not make reference to the downsides of the device, such as the lower amount of RAM.

Those who were considering the purchase of this device but hadn’t made up their minds before should have a look at the aforementioned post on Nokia Conversations, to learn more on what the new Windows Phone 8 device can offer.

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