Nokia Pokes Fun at iPhone in New Lumia 820 Video Ad

The new Windows Phone 8 devices are far better built, Nokia suggests

Lumia 920 and Lumia 820, the latest smartphones from the Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia, are selling like hot cakes, and the company suggests that their great build is one of the features that users take into consideration when choosing them over other devices.

In a new video ad for the Lumia 820, the company appears set to offer a better look at how well its new smartphones are performing when subjected to accidental falls and hits, or when stepped on.

Unlike other handsets, which the video suggests might be Apple’s iPhone, Nokia’s Windows Phone 8-based devices do not break that easily, and even work great although they have suffered said “small” accidents.

Of course, it wouldn’t be advisable to try subjecting your new Lumia device to similar testing at home, but it is great to know that it could actually survive them.

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