Nokia Phi Emerges in WP Bench Running Windows Phone 8

It might be one of the first WP 8 handsets from Nokia

Microsoft and its partner phone makers are gearing up for the release of Windows Phone 8 and of new devices running under it, one of which might be the Nokia Phi that was just spotted in WP Bench.

The Windows Phone benchmarking application shows this handset as being the latest to have been added to its database, with Windows Phone 8 loaded on top, WMPoweruser reports.

In fact, the application shows that Nokia Phi packs Windows Phone OS 8.0.9698.0 inside, which could be one of the latest versions of the OS before the final build is pushed out.

Since WP Bench results can be tweaked, we’ll take the info on this Nokia handset with a grain of salt, but we’ll keep an eye out for additional details on the device, especially since the OS build matches the list that leaked online only several days ago.

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