Nokia Might Not Launch 5-Inch Lumia Handsets in 2013

The company is expected to release phones of up to 4.7-inches

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system is expected to arrive on shelves this year on some new devices coming from Nokia, yet it seems that none of them will be able to measure against the latest Android devices out there in size.

While many handset vendors who adopted Google’s mobile OS have migrated to 5-inch screens or larger, the Finnish mobile phone maker will launch only smartphones with displays of up to 4.7 inches diagonally.

The info comes from DigiTimes, which cites “industry sources” claiming that Nokia will likely be absent from the 5-inch smartphone segment this year.

Apparently, the lack of support for full HD resolutions that Windows Phone 8 arrives with might be the main issue here, and other handset vendors might not venture to the 5-inch segment with their new WP devices either.

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