Nokia Maps XAP Available for All Windows Phones

The official Nokia Maps application should arrive soon

Nokia is one of the leading providers of mapping services around the world, and Symbian users already know that, since the service is available for them for free.

Nokia Windows Phones were also expected to get a taste of Maps, and it seems that all devices that run under Microsoft's mobile OS can enjoy the feature now.

Nokia Maps has been hacked, and the XAP file, which is nothing else than the installation package, was made available for download for all users out there.

The file is available courtesy of XDA-Developers, and can be installed on all unlocked devices that run Windows Phone (either developers phones or unlocked using ChevronWP7 Labs).

However, with Nokia and Microsoft already announcing plans to make Nokia Maps Available for all Windows Phones out there, it should not be too long before the official application arrives in the Marketplace.

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