Nokia Lumia Owners Can Grab “Mirror’s Edge” for Free Now

The game has been recently updated and is available via Nokia Collection

Nokia Lumia users will probably be happy to know Mirror’s Edge for Windows Phone platform is now available for free.

The game was previously priced at $3/ €2.5, but EA and Nokia decided to give it for free to Lumia owners, at least for a limited time.

“Mirrors’s Edge” for Windows Phone has been recently updated, which is how it got free in the first place. However, we’re not sure if this was intended or it’s a mistake that will be quickly fixed by developers.

Either way Lumia owners might want to grab this title fast to make sure EA and Nokia don’t put it up for the previous price.

“Mirrors’s Edge” is now available as a free download via Nokia Collection and it should be fully compatible with all Lumia devices running Windows Phone 7.5 and higher.

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