Nokia Lumia 930 Purple Tint Screen Issue Discovered

It appears to be only a software calibration issue, easily fixable

Nokia Lumia 930, the flagship Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone that Nokia made official back in April, was found to pack a small, easy-to-fix screen issue, only days after starting to arrive on shelves around the world.

To be more precise, the handset was found to show a distinctive purple tint on the screen, although the display was supposed to be completely black.

This is not the first smartphone out there to suffer from screen issues and will certainly not be the last, so there’s nothing to worry about, especially since it seems that the problem can be resolved easily.

According to a post on WMPoweruser, the purple tint is not a factory defect, but is merely the result of bad screen calibration. Moreover, the news site notes that users can resolve it by heading to Settings > display > Adjust Color profile, where they should move the Tint to Green.

As it turns out, Microsoft is already aware of the fact that some devices are affected by said issue, and has already provided a statement on the matter, according to

“Microsoft Devices is taking quality issues on our products very seriously. To address the possible concerns with Lumia 930 display, we have recalled some test samples from …the Norwegian market to be investigated further in our R/D site in Finland,” the company has reportedly said.

Most probably, Microsoft will deliver a software fix to ensure that the issue no longer appears on devices, though it remains to be seen when exactly that will happen. Stay tuned for more on the matter.

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