Nokia Lumia 920 Rendered the Top Smartphone of 2012 in the UK

The handset features high-end hardware inside, has seen great demand so far

Nokia’s Lumia 920 handset, the company’s flagship Windows Phone 8 product, is considered to be the leading smartphone in the UK market.

The smartphone has proven to be the top choice for users in various countries around the world already, with retailers running out of stock repeatedly since its official launch in early November, and it is expected to continue doing so.

In the UK, the phone was launched exclusively on the network of EE, which offers 4G LTE connectivity, but it was also made available through third-party retailers unlocked and SIM-free.

According to, the high demand this device has seen in the country, as well as the high-end hardware capabilities that Nokia has packed it with converge to making Lumia 920 the top smartphone of the year, at least in the UK.

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