Nokia Lumia 920 Claims the Top Spot on Amazon’s Best Sellers List Again

The handset was also placed first in the AT&T’s best sellers top

Nokia Lumia 920, the high-end Windows Phone 8 device that Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia has made available in November last year, has managed to reach the top position on Amazon’s best seller handsets list once again.

The Red flavor of the handset managed to climb to the first spot on the list over the weekend, but it has fallen to the fourth place since then.

With Amazon updating its best sellers list hourly, it does not come too much as a surprise that this happened. You can have a look at the entire list on this page.

However, users can still see the Red Lumia 920 positioned first in the AT&T top seller category, where the White version of the device claimed the third place, while its Black iteration landed on the fifth (at least at the time of this article).

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