Nokia Lumia 510 Powered by Windows Phone 7.8 Spotted in China

The new operating system is expected to be announced in the next few days

Microsoft is expected to officially announce the Windows Phone 7.8 update any moment now. There have been many rumors indicating that the company plans to release the new operating system this week.

The Finish handset maker has recently teased a special event along with Deadmau5 where Microsoft and Nokia will announce the Windows Phone 7.8, rumors claim.

There have been several leaks that indicate Nokia is actively working on a new major Windows Phone update for its first generation Lumia handsets, though there has been no word on availability.

After the WP7.8-powerd Nokia Lumia 900 spotted in China earlier this month, a new device has been caught on camera running the unannounced operating system, the Lumia 510.

This might be an indication that the update will be initially available in China later this month. However, we expect Nokia to quickly roll out the Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade globally soon after its official release.

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