Nokia Lumia 510 Arrives in India with Windows Phone 7.8

The handset will be released with the new OS flavor from the start

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia is getting ready to bring its Lumia 510 smartphone to the market in India, and will have it available with the Windows Phone 7.8 platform on it right from the start.

According to BGRIndia, the device can deliver an updated experience when compared to what owners of older Lumia devices have been provided with so far.

The handset will sport the new homescreen from day one, providing users with the possibility to resize tiles and the like. There is also the option to share files via Bluetooth, a ringtone maker app, and other features more.

At the same time, Lumia 510 with Windows Phone 7.8 will feature the new camera lens that was announced for Windows Phone 8. All Lumia devices will receive it as part of the OS upgrade, yet it remains to be seen when that might happen.

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