Nokia Lumia 505 Emerges at Guerrero Móvil in Mexico

It should arrive on shelves with Windows Phone 7.8 loaded on it

Nokia appears indeed set to bring to the market a new range of entry-level devices, just as previously reported, and Lumia 505 is one of these handsets, it seems.

Following the launch of Lumia 620, the new cheap Windows Phone device from the company has emerged, based on the previously launched Lumia 510 and expected to arrive on shelves in Mexico.

The Lumia 505 is said to have already received Wi-Fi certification and will arrive on shelves with an 800MHz single-core processor, 256MB RAM and 4GB of internal memory, while packing an 8MP camera on the back, it seems.

The handset is expected to be launched with Windows Phone 7.8 loaded on it, yet no specific info on the matter has been provided as of yet.

Nokia Lumia 505 was spotted on Guerrero Móvil’s Facebook page, yet no official info on its landing has been provided as of yet.

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