Nokia Lumia 1520 Available at $99.99 (€73) on Amazon

The smartphone is available in all four color options: Black, Red, White and Yellow

Lumia 1520, the latest Windows Phone 8 flagship smartphone from the Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia, is now available for purchase in the United States via Amazon at only $99.99 (€73) with the signing of a two-year contract agreement.

The smartphone went up for grabs at AT&T only yesterday, though it saw limited supply, and those interested in getting one as soon as possible should try their luck at the retailer, given that it lists it as in stock at the moment.

Those who would like to purchase the smartphone contract-free will have get at least $749.99 (€553) out of their pockets, much more than what AT&T and Microsoft’s Store ask for it.

As WindowsPhoneDaily notes, Amazon is selling the new Nokia Lumia 1520 in all of the announced four color flavors, including Black, Red, White and Yellow.

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