Nokia Locks Public Access to Navifirm

Access to Nokia’s repository should have been restricted in January

Nokia announced several months ago that it would restrict access to its firmware repository beginning early January. For whatever reasons, that did not happened until recently.

According to WMPoweruser, public access to Nokia Firmware Repository, also known as Navifirm, is now longer available.

“Nokia will close the connection to the Nokia Firmware Repository during the month of January 2013 and will integrate access control.Then, to access the Nokia Firmware Repository will need to login at Nokia Online During the transition phase (December 2012-January 2013) and the open channel, both the subject with the restriction will be open, but the open channel will be closed at the end of January 2013.”

This means that Nokia users will no longer be able to download firmware updates uploaded on Navifirm before they are pushed live to their handsets.

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