Nokia Glance for Windows Phone Update Adds Option to Customize Messages

Personalized messages can be created for display when the screen is locked

The Lumia exclusive Glance application has just received a small update that brings a brand new feature meant to offer users more personalization options.

With Nokia Glance, Lumia phone users can add images and display the clock on the screen while the device is locked. Users can further customize Nokia Glance to display the clock at certain intervals or choose automatic modes such as Night mode.

Thanks to the latest update, Nokia Glance users will now be able to create custom messages that can be displayed on the screen when it's locked. Simply choose “my text” option from the drop down menu in order to set your own message to be displayed on the screen.

You can now download Nokia Glance for Windows Phone for free via Windows Phone Store. Keep in mind that the application is only compatible with Nokia Lumia smartphones powered by Windows Phone 8 and up.

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