Nokia Delivers Lumia 920 in Limited, Special Packages to Some People

At least one blogger received the phone is such a box

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia appears to have registered quite a bit of success with the launch of its new Windows Phone 8-based Lumia 920, and that it is already celebrating.

The Lumia 920 smartphone was delivered to a blogger in a special package that can be seen in the photo attached to this post and which is most probably either a limited edition or a one-time-only box.

“I actually got this as a VIP gift box from Nokia’s PR because I’m a blogger and I attended the launch of it in Dubai,” said blogger told MyNokiaBlog.

According to some Chinese websites, Lumia 920 might arrive in this packaging on shelves sometime in December, though there’s no confirmation on such plans from Nokia.

One thing that is sure, however, is that users would actually like receiving the high-end device in such boxes.

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